McArthur-Walsh Wall Art

McArthur-Walsh Artist

Changing the way people can experience original art by moving it beyond the limits of the frame and canvas provides a dramatic statement that can change the feel of a space instantly.

A fusion of art and design has come together from the original paintings of Susan McArthur-Walsh which has culminated in producing wall coverings for both interiors and outside areas.

Images of the artists paintings can be utilised fully or cropped into depending on wall size and are printed onto wallpaper, a self-adhesive woven textile or an aluminium composite panel. Giving versatility of choice for the interior designer and their client’s specific needs. The panels have a gloss or matt finish and can sustain weather conditions including UV rays. All wall sizes can be taken into consideration and images discussed for each project.

These unique works of art provide innovative and fresh ideas for design professionals to grace the walls of any BusinessCommercial and Residential domain.

Susan McArthur- Walsh 

Susan McArthur-Walsh, has so much Passion, Drive and Artistic Talent throughout all of her works of art,  it shines through with her vibrant and sometimes almost cosmically charged energy that's embedded throughout her artistic expression! The paintings set the mood, within any residential, commercial, hospitality and retail sector groups.     

For more information about this Amazing British Artist and the fantastic art that she produces for prospective clients all over the world, send me an email or call direct from your smartphone by clicking the button below. McArthur-Walsh Art is truly remarkable for any of your projects and she will work directly with you whether you're a "Private Client , Architect or Interior designer" just give me a call and Dream Tiles will help you in anyway we can to give you your very own McArthur-Walsh piece of Art, that will bring to life your Home, Place of work or even your Commercial Board room that will impress your clients with a bespoke McArthur-Walsh Wall Covering.


Lightweight Aluminium Panels 

One of the products that Susan McArthur-Walsh uses is two lightweight aluminium sheets that are adhered and sandwiched on both sides of an acrylic thin black sheet, making the product thickness of 6mm,whilst keeping its rigidity. These panels can be for both indoor (wet areas included) and outdoors. for fitting instructions please send us your email and we will send you the full instructions and technical data sheets. see below four images of the product.       



Wall coverings are the latest way to enhance your residential or commercial space. They create the visual impact that you will not forget. An instant talking point they can integrate different areas and giving a cutting edge feel to large or more intimate settings. You will get to see close up the beauty of this intuitive work by Susan McArthur-Walsh. Visually stunning.

Whether you desire calming meditative colours or textural diverse patterns we have an array of choices. 

The McArthur-Walsh Art Panels, when completed are the most vibrant of colour schemes and can be made to fit any wall size area, large or small!


Galley of McArthur-Walsh

Enjoy looking through all the original artwork on display. Each painting is available to purchase as an original. All paintings will eventually be produced as wall coverings and Panels. If there is a particular painting you are interested in please contact us.



We want to make sure that as our customer you find the process of purchasing from us as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Go to the Gallery and preview all the artwork. Choose from wall covering, ceramics or original artwork. Some pieces may not be available right away but if they appear on the selected page then you may go ahead with your order. All original artwork is available.The cropping tool allows you to select part or all of your selected image depending on wall size and shape.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us on 07799115666 or Email us on or if you are using a smartphone or tablet why not call us from the button below.   We look forward to speaking with you soon!!. 

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