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Only high quality HPL Laminates

Let’s make a world of difference.

While we attempt to make your home the most beautiful in the world, we also believe in making the world the most beautiful home. Which is why we hold the distinction of being the world’s first-ever producer in the laminates industry green enough to generate carbon credits. Our philosophy is Green and we encourage the concept of eco-living. All GREENLAM/DECOLAN laminates are GREENGUARD and Green Label certified. We manufacture our low-emitting laminates using renewable resources. We strive to make our manufacturing process facilitate zero waste, with recycling opportunities all along the way. No matter what your needs may be, there are GREENLAM/DECOLAN eco-friendly laminates that are right for you. Our wide range of laminates, with the most innovative and unique textures will not just reflect the best of eco-standards but will also express your truer shades.

"Please Note that some of these colours are white, off white or mat and glossy shades sor are difficult to see on computers or handheld devices so wont give you a true reflection on the product"

 samples can be requested where necessary*.   

The Range:


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