At Dream Tiles having Design Works on board with their magnificent tile ranges is inspiring to know we are in safe hands, with products that are first class in both architectural and commercial products, but also serving the residential clients wanting architectural standard products.   Are we being shameless by calling this the ultimate collection of tiles for pools and spas? Although it is, in our opinion, our best selection yet of pool and poolside suitable products. But one of the vital elements is missing – your design. Your vision. The list of wants and needs translated into that pool of dreams. The following pages are here to inspire, inform and guide you. But it’s only together can we achieve the shining, shimmering, watery thing of beauty that will become the ultimate pool and spa. call us on +44(0)7799115666 or email on info@dreamtiles.co.uk 

Why do you want a pool?

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” 

Loran Eisely, anthropologist

 As humans we have always been drawn to the magic of water. Our ancient ancestors had to seek out water to survive. Even now we are unconsciously drawn to glossy objects, with recent research with adults and young children testing the hypotheses that the preference for glossy surfaces stems from an innate preference for fresh water as a valuable resource. Your desire for a pool simply shows how in tune you are with our universal human needs.



At Dream Tile we scour the globe to source the very best mosaics for your dream pool project,  so that you have the piece of mind knowing that what you are getting, is the quality you deserve. Contact me for a brouchure (Hard Copy) or download the e-brouchure link below.   


"WHY does my pool look blue"

Why does my pool look blue? Look at a glass of tap water and it is clear and colourless. And yet the water in pools and the sea appear to be shades of blue. Why? It’s all about the light. Sunlight is a spectrum of colours, through the rainbow from red to violet. When the light hits an object, some of the colours will be absorbed and some scattered. For example, an apple looks red because it absorbs all the other colours in the light and scatters only red. Water absorbs different wavelengths of sunlight to different degrees, with the longest wavelengths with the lowest energy being absorbed first. Red is the quickest to be absorbed, then orange then yellow. The blue end of the spectrum travels further through water before being absorbed. The colours disappear underwater in the same order. The sea seems to be blue because it absorbs all the other colours and only the blue light is scattered or reflected. A glass of water is too small an amount for the reflection of the blue light to be obvious, but when you fill a white bath with water you will see a blue tint. Clean water always appears blue, and deeper water appears more deeply blue as more of the other colours of the spectrum are absorbed. At what depth underwater do colours disappear? 

Red 4.6m

Orange 7.6m 

Yellow 10.7m – 13.7m

Green 21.3m – 22.

You can have anything you want …

(well, within reason). Bring along your ideas, your lists of likes and dislikes. Your favourite colours and textures. If you’re a creative type, why not put a mood board together? Or if not, a sketch on the back of an envelope will do. Tell us what you really really want out of your pool. We can provide the technical help and guidance on what’s possible, safe and legal. And we can create incredibly realistic computer generated images (renders) to visualise just how your pool will look.
Dream Tiles with Designworks are the UK’s leading supplier of swimming pool and surround tiles for residential and commercial projects. We work closely with installers, architects, house builders and designers on high end pools and spas throughout the country, from the homes of athletes and sportspeople to luxurious spas and commercial leisure centers. Alongside an incredible selection of mosaics in a rainbow of colours and finishes, we offer an unbeatable collection of technical anti-slip floor tiles suitable for these hardworking environments. Our expert knowledge, gained through countless large scale swimming pool and spa projects, means that we have everything needed for your project.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso

Niebla Safe Step Edges

With the same slip resistant texture as the mosaics, these innovative corner pieces provide seamless and safe edging for the transition from pool side to pool and for step areas. At 52mm in length, the pieces are also small enough to be used effectively to create curves. Sharp edges are completely eliminated with these corner pieces.
• New low-abrasion Safe Step finish
• Slip resistant for safety
• For pool edges both straight and curved, step edges
• Attractive finishing piece
• Easy to install at the same time as the tiling

Call Dream Tiles for a complete brochure with all the information you will need, including technical information, press the button "Call from a mobile" Below and we will cover all concerns you may have, or why not cut and paste the following into your browser for the full Ultimate pools & Spas Catalogue Link............  designworks-tiles-ultimate-pool-spa-03-2018.pdf