Decolan Design Surfaces

The Innovative Organisation Delivering Fashionable Surface Solutions

The people that make up Decolan have experience in the laminate industry for more than 20 years. We are a group of people who takes pride in setting ourselves at the cutting edge of the design trends. And, to fill in the industry as a competitive player, we ensure good quality, good service, and of course, good products that suits your interior design needs. contact us on +44(0)7799115666 or email on



What you need, we have it. High grade with a wide variety to pick from.

Our R&D department is fully committed in selecting the most fashionable decors and developing very trendy finishes together with new effects, so you would be pleased with what we can offer. To top it all, to achieve the perfect matrimony of value-service, we ensure that your questions are answered and your needs are fulfilled.

Understanding our customer’s need, is our utmost priority. By communicating with our customers, from home and office owners to designers and architects, we know what you need so we can provide the best.

With the products we carry, you have one less worry. You can now focus on the design aspect of your carpentry, while using the best products in our collection.