Concrete Ideas Range: Stunning and Contemporary

Dream Tiles are delighted to offer an exciting range of tiles in concrete...yes, that’s right, concrete. We have become partners with Concrete Ideas and are now the sole distributors and importers of this beautiful design concept.This material is the inspiration behind a stunning range of designs from the Manchester-based architectural concrete products manufacturer, Concrete Ideas.

Established in 2009, Concrete Ideas has quickly become the leader in its field. The company is constantly taking on new challenges, leading to the development of new mixes and methods that turn concrete into a versatile material. It can offer a wide variety of textures, shapes, colors and finishes alongside all the benefits and durability that our products have to offer.

The quality of our architectural concrete and the new technologies developed are keystones in maintaining the professionalism and quality of Concrete Idea’s products.

Dream Tiles have become the official distributor for the whole of the UK for Concrete Ideas' products as of 6th October 2016.

Contact us today on UK+44 (0)1869 357777 or Email Us if you require further information.

Our tiles range includes the Routa line which, in turn, includes four models characterised by their ability to create totally different overall looks when arranged at different angles to one another. Click on the image below to see the Routa models and on the images to the right to see the rest. 


With this amazing product, we can work closely with architects and designers to achieve the very best results when the product goes in for the manufacturing process so that all eventualities are met. We endeavour to achieve the exact product that the end client wants to enhance their luxury living concept within their home or business, like in this picture with the bar frontage the clients wanted . 


New Range

This new range comes in various sizes so ive shown them from different angles, the first two images are called Slant Angular the third and fourth is called Escher


Eco Concrete Designer Basins 

The contrast between the rough outside and the smooth inside is the most recognisable characteristic of our sinks. There are models in various shapes and sizes but common to all are the uncompromising quality and imaginative designs. All the basins are available in 4 basic colours while other colours are available upon request.