Porcelain Self Leveling Tiles

from Dream Tiles is a beautiful new design in plank format and in four stunning colours, porcelain 20 x 170 /8"x68" with the grain patterning both vertical and horizontal, creates a stunning alternative to the standard vertical wood effect with most wood effect porcelain manufacturers.

What makes this tile so unique is the self-leveling material ingredient used to produce this product.  By using a high plasticity ingredient in the raw material, it enhances the flexibility greatly within the planks; they also produce the planks with a slight convexity to make it easier to lay.  When laid on screeded surfaces the planks will self-level due to their own weight making the surface perfectly planar (flat). The plank is suitable to be used in the entire plank laying, design patterns of your choice

The product is Frost Resistant, R9 slip resistant and made with 40% recycled material, they can be both wall and floor fitted.