The Artesole Italian Tile Range

Lava Basalt from Artesole of Firenze, Italy, is found on the slopes of Mount Etna. Etna lava stone is a material with unique characteristics: durable, indestructible, resistant to changes in temperature (it’s a heat conductor) and it doesn’t get stained.

Serigraph is a method that reproduces texture through stencil on plates or tiles before firing. Colours meld with the lava structure to become eternally fastened to it. The entire process of our production is patented.

Today, lava stone offers different possibilities for indoor and outdoor use, the natural expression of original design.

Dream Tiles of Bicester have been hand-picked to be the sole distributor of Artesole tiles in the UK and invited to the factory to see first-hand the manufacturing process involved in creating these patented, beautiful tiles. Call for details on 01869 357777.