Dream Tiles are Official Stockists of the Alex Turco Collection


Dream Tiles are delighted to be an official stockist of the Alex Turco Tile Collection in the UK. Alex Turco's Decorative Art Panels can be found in the most elegant Italian and American homes. They are considered to be cult objects and are much sought after. Click here for Alex Turco's Biography.

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Our panels consist of 2 aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core named Reynobond, made by Alcoa. It is widely used because of its unique qualities - it is light, easy to cut, mill and drill, can be bent and comes in large sizes. The panels are digitally printed with our designs (patterns) using UV colours and customised through graphic and hand-made artistic touches with the use of acrylic paints. We then layer the surface with transparent, waterproof and UV-resistant epoxy resin. We can even use metallic pigment powders, semi-precious minerals, glitters, etc., inside the resin to further embellish our DECORATIVE ART PANELS. Panels will have a thickness of 4 mm/0.15”.


PURE ALUMINIUM 1 mm / 0.040”

This support is used mostly to decorate curved walls, columns and furniture. Panels are made of pure anodized aluminium and they are extremely easy to bend. Our patterns are printed directly on these panels with the use of UV-resistant colours that also prevent cracking of the pigments. Panels are then covered with a special epoxy resin that is flexible, allowing the panel to bend without any problem. Final thickness of these panels once epoxy resin is applied will be 1 mm/0.040”.